Getting Radical Change with Ho’oponopono Healing

56 minutes · 2018

Today's show will reveal how a simple Hawaiian prayer called Ho'oponopono can heal, change and transform you. Dr. Mary will be teaching you how to Ho'oponopono in a simple yet powerful way. She will share how committing to this healing process has changed her, her business, her client’s and coach’s lives too. This is for you if you want to learn how to apply a powerful healing process that will not only heal you, but deliver big results quickly and painlessly. Dr. Mary will share how Ho'oponopono has helped clients to attract big money, reconcile relationships, improve marriages, and activate miracles and inspiration. During the show Dr. Mary will teach you how to take the 30-Day Ho'oponopono Challenge so you can start Ho'oponopon-ing. Dr. Mary will share how reading an amazing book, written by Dr. Joe Vitale led her to create a Ho’oponopono Radical Change Program! She will be revealing to you how you can get the same healing and amazing results from taking the 30-Day Challenge!

Keywords: Dr. Mary Oz, Ho'oponopono, Healing, Radical Change, Transformation, Miracles, Inspiration

Category: Radical Change Now

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