Fall Into Balance 2017 Fairy Dust, Season Highlights, and Closing Ceremonies!

29:57 · 2018

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter and her Fall Into Balance 2017 attendees for the Season Highlights, fun fairy dust moments, and heart-centered closing ceremonies! Celebrate as these powerful individuals take the stage and SHINE: Rebecca Hall Gruyter (Your Purpose Driven Practice), Cynthia Stott (Visibility Expert), Jill Lublin (Publicity), Elizabeth Bachman (Star Maker), Sumaya O'Grady (Soul Alchemist), and Denise Hansard (From the Heart)! You will be encouraged, inspired, and motivated.

Keywords: Rebecca Hall Gruyter, Denise Hansard, Elizabeth Bachman, Jill Lublin, Sumaya O'grady, Cynthia Stott, Speaking, Business, Women, Empowerment, SHINE, Vi

Category: Womens Empowerment Series

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