Women in Politics: Vecky Elliott, Community Activist

56 minutes · 2018

Are you someone who sees injustice in your community and don't know how to change it? Do you do your duty and vote every election, but it just doesn't feel like enough? Do you feel too busy to get involved in community activism? Then you will want to meet Vecky Elliot! Political consultant, community organizer, activist - and mother of two - Vecky is mobilizing thousands of millennials and other underrepresented communities in her area into civic action. She is now working on a ground game to engage with voters, identify community needs, and build a foundation for long-term sustainable progress in the Central Valley. Join Linda Patten and her guest, Vecky Elliott, as they talk about ways to be an effective citizen in your community, to be part of the change you want to see, opportunities to make a difference, and how to balance it all.

Keywords: leadership, politics, activism, elections, community

Category: Leadership Stars

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