Achieving Sacred Sex Through Tantra

37:36 · 2018

In this episode Divine Kika and I explore ways to spice up the bedroom and turn physical touch into soulful connections. We resolve the paradox of "women need to open the heart to open the parts, and men need the parts attended to, to open their heart". We talk about controlling ejaculations and maximizing your sexual energy to create a deeper connection with your partner. We provide action steps that immediately turn your relationship around and ignite a new spark.

We learn how Kika became a tantra master, left abusive relations in the past, and discovered a path of healing the masculine and feminine within that ultimately brought a shift in the quality of men and women that enter her life today. We explore ways to overcome conscious and unconscious guilt and anxiety about sexual pleasure to obtain orgasmic power and "Heartgasms".

Receive a free gift from Divine Kika, 10 Tantric sex secrets for greater love, sex and intimacy tonight.

Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Divine Kika, Kimi Avary, Male Sexuality, Relationships, Sexual energy, Healing, Heartgasm, Tantra sex, Daily connection ritual, Mas

Category: Partnership Bliss

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