The mistake that keeps you from financial freedom with Jacque Huynh

40 minutes · 2018

Jacque Huynh came to America from Vietnam as a refugee in 1975 with nothing but clothes on her back, and a dream achieve freedom.

She is a successful real estate investor as well as a #1 best-selling author on Amazon, a podcaster, keynote speaker, radio show host and trainer. She has over 20 years professional experience in real estate investment both as an investor and as a broker.

Jacque believes that the best form of investment is the one that leaves a legacy for your children and offers them the freedom and confidence they need to face tomorrow. In this episode, she speaks about the mistakes we make when investing in real estate and how we can avoid them if we want to achieve financial freedom.

On this we discussed:

1) What are the 4 ways to make money?
2) What are the 3 key mistakes that keep people from achieving financial freedom?

Call Jacque for your free 45 minute strategy session: (310)864-3464 (Make sure you mention Moneeka to get this longer free session.)

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Category: Real Estate Investing for Women

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