Diary of a Yogi

02:01 · 2018

Altair Shyam's story is based on a series of true experiences, beginning with his mother Mary in the 1940s when she was just a young teenage girl, working in the orchards of Nelson in New Zealand. A Maori Elder approached her and began to tell her about her eldest son (Altair) and his past lives and future. Mary said she got such a fright she ran off never to return again.

When Altair was just two years old he had a recurring dream that he was a Tibetan monk who died on a bridge just as described in the story within this book. He had the same dream every night for a year. Altair's parents were so worried as he woke up every night screaming. They took him to specialists until one doctor told them he was too hot, they took his blankets and clothes off and hey presto the dream stopped. But that was only the beginning of the many unbelievable experiences and meetings with remarkable people that Altair would have over his life.

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