The Speakers Summit: Procrastination 101

50:35 · 2018

Join host Cynthia Stott and featured speaker, Kimberly Schehrer, to discuss procrastination.

Kimberly works with teens and the adults who love and care for them, such as parents, grandparents and guardians. On our show, Kimberly shares about her work as it applies to speakers like you.

She asks, "What is procrastination costing you? Missed deadlines, unaccomplished tasks or goals, or a lack of connection with your tribe?" In this interview, Kimberly will talk about a common type of procrastination for many of us speakers, especially if we are experts - PERFECTIONISM. She shares tips on how you can break through the barriers of "Perfection Paralysis."

About Our Show:
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Keywords: Speakers, Public Speaking, Communication, Leadership, Teens, Procrastination, Parenting

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