School of Transformation, Healing and Awakening Introductions

30:54 · 2018

Welcome to the School of Transformation, Healing, and Awakening.

This video is an introduction to some of the teachers, healers, and mystics you will meet on your journey with us to health and wellbeing, calmness and peace, mindfulness and heartfulness and spiritual enlightenment.

The teachers will guide you on the way and each is an expert in their own field of practice, from nutrition and body care to mindful practice, abundance, loving relationships and awakening to your True Self.

We are so deeply grateful to have you with us and encourage you to share with others to join us here to enlighten our world.

Love and Blessings


Keywords: diary, yogi, light, love, wisdom, compassion, archangels, bodhisattvas, transformation, healing, awakening

Category: Transformation Healing and Awakening EWN

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