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28:52 · 2018

My guest is Wendy Broersen, who is expanding her business rapidly in other countries.

Wendy Broersen is a woman on a mission: she wants to help women grow. With their own company or within a company. Her concept Superwomen inspires, informs and connects with a Blog, YouTube channel, digital Magazine, Events (all non-profit) and the Superwomen Academy. Superwomen Academy helps companies to attract, retain and develop their female workforce so women can attain these positions.

Superwomen Academy offers a wide range of training and masterclasses, excellent advisors and strategies to reach diversity throughout the whole company. All by top-notch experts, each in their own field. These topics are what women have declared they could use help with and are therefore important for our mission to succeed.

Wendy started her first company 15 years ago, has two children, is married and lives in The Netherlands. She loves to ski, walk along the ocean, watch movies, to paint and cook & bake.

Keywords: women in business, doing business internationally, female business owner, Tineke Rensen, Powerful Business Academy, Giselle Rufer, Delance Watches

Category: The Power of Women in Business

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