Step into Your Power Part Five: Engage, Expand, Express

59:16 · 2019

Linda Dierks has seen it all: from riches to rags, from healthy to devastatingly ill, battling isolation and despair, and back to embracing life once again. Join us for the final episode of Linda's 5-week mini-series on Stepping Into Your Personal Power. Linda teaches us that it's our nature to expand to our fullest expression and potential. When you sing your song, you generate an energetic cycle of vitality that tells the Universe, "Give me more!" Embrace all of life's possibilities. Take the plunge, go out on a limb, put on your cape, read your poetry to the trees. There is a void waiting for you to fill it.

Keywords: Spirit Guides, Angels, God, Divine light, Source, Personal Strength, Resiliency

Category: Step Into Your Power EWN

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