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29:04 · 2018

Your Host Tineke Rensen Interviews Ivana de Haan of Ivana bags on how she builds a global brand with her personally designed handbags.

Ivana was born in Serbia, former Yugoslavia. She came to Holland at the age of five. She studied and obtained a Bachelor Degree, she started her first business with two other partners, a recruitment agency for technical and specialized personnel.

In 2015 she made her own luxury brand of handbags, IVANA, all within six months.

She launched her first collection in December 2016. After the success on this exhibition, she was asked to showcase her collection at TOP MARQUES in Monaco and she designed a customized handbag with matching ties for the Royal Family of Monaco.

IVANA is not only about luxury but a brand that brings inspiration, for that reason she organizes events, called Women's Platform by Ivana. Were women from different areas in can come to hear her story.

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