Episode 124 - Brazilian Stomach Bug

55 minutes · 2018

This week on the Ask Julie Ryan Show, psychic and medical intuitive Julie gets to chat with a lot of callers about a multitude of topics. A man from Rio asks Julie to figure out what is causing his nausea and vomiting. Julie identifies the cause and suggests remedies that are natural and may be unfamiliar to a lot of people. Then, a Florida caller asks Julie for tips on how to raise her vibration in order to attract more positive people into her life. Again, Julie tells her about a couple of techniques that are not only fool proof, they are validated by academia as well. Another FL caller asks Julie to check on a lump in her breast and a Missouri woman asks Julie to help her heal broken ribs and scar tissue, both of which are causing discomfort. As usual, Julie provides lots of suggestions and insights based on the psychic information she accesses and receives. The show is fascinating and fun.

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Category: Life, Death & Beyond EWN

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