My Dad's Transition - #125

58 minutes · 2018

This week on the Ask Julie Ryan Show, psychic and medical intuitive Julie gets to chat with a lot of callers about a multitude of topics. A woman from Utah asks Julie to scan her father to see if he has begun transitioning and if so, what phase he is in. Julie provides personalized information from the man to his daughter. Then a South Carolina caller asks Julie to help her figure out if her grandson is abusing drugs and how to help him. Another caller from Brooklyn asks for advice on how to improve her relationship with her brother. Julie communicates with the man and relays his suggestions. A Colorado woman asks Julie to scan her home for mold. Julie does and pinpoints exactly where the mold is lurking. As usual, Julie provides lots of suggestions and insights based on the psychic information she accesses and receives. The show is fascinating and fun.

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