Let's Get Tender with Special Guest Pamala McCoy

34 minutes · 2018

Marlene enjoys sharing tiny bits of huge wisdom found in quotes and song lyrics. Whenever she introduces the concept of limiting money beliefs to female entrepreneurs who are experiencing frustration, overwhelm and the constant feeling of being stuck, Marlene often refers to one of her favorite lyrics from a beautiful song called "perspectives" by Kutless: "freedom is sometimes just simply another perspective away; who could you be if your lens was changed for a moment, would you still be the same?" In today's episode, you'll meet riveting financial consultant, author and founder of Bona5D Credit Consultants Pamala McCoy who equips you to step into financial freedom by helping you shift your money mindset with simple, yet powerful practical strategies anyone can choose to do. Get ready for a rich-chat about how to fuel your financial future!

Keywords: Bona5d, credit counseling, financial freedom, money mindset, moneywings days 2019, female entrepreneurship, thrive

Category: Let's Get Tender: Money Conversations That Matter

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