Kevin Schoeninger

36 minutes · 2018

Kevin Schoeninger is an author and teacher of Mind-Body training, including Mindfulness, Meditation, Qigong, and Reiki. Growing up highly-sensitive and introverted, he often felt anxious and overwhelmed in the world. He had many self-doubts, few friends, and strong feelings he didn't fit in. He was beaten up and bullied—and became passionate about finding inner strength and peace of mind.
Kevin has a Master's degree in Philosophy, and is Certified as a Personal Trainer, Life Coach, Qigong Meditation Master Instructor, and Holy Fire Karuna Reiki Master Teacher. He has worked in the field of Mind-Body Training for over 35 years. Kevin lives in Colorado with his wife and two sons and is passionate about the awakening of awareness and care of all beings and our Planet through meditation, compassionate action, and daily practice.
Latest book: Clear Quiet Mind: 4 Simple Steps to Deep Inner Peace
Guided Meditations: Clear Quiet Mind Meditations

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