Let's Get Tender with Special Guest Paul Levin

33 minutes · 2018

Have you ever found yourself wondering how successful women lead businesses and large communities without burning out? One of the thoughts that can hold many women back from unfolding their true financial potential is the belief that "there is not enough of 'me' to go around. Unfortunately, this lack-mentality can keep entrepreneurs stuck far too long, eroding self-confidence and income potential. Abundance is all around us, but fear can lead to tunnel vision. In today's episode, you'll meet Speaker, Trainer and Author Paul Levin, founder of IDeserveAPerfectLife.com who reveals his beautiful power phrase and wonderful mantra for experiencing less worry and more joy, support and income in his transformation from a "never enough" mentality to "seeing abundance all around" him in business and life.

Keywords: money conversations, money story, money beliefs, financial potential, transformation, entrepreneurship, moneywings

Category: Let's Get Tender: Money Conversations That Matter

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