Don't Stress About Money Around the Holidays with Judy Lynne

49 minutes · 2018

Judy Lynne is the founder of Harmonic Living Now and is the creator of Entrepreneur money mastery, programs that assist entrepreneurs to discover their true self and overcome their emotional obstacles so that they can succeed.
She is EFT/LOA Certified and has been honored in the 2018 Top 12 Spirited Woman Pick List.

With the holidays approaching, people get stressed out about spending money and this worry prevents them from having a great time with their families. In this show, Judy teaches how enjoy the holiday season without having to worry about money.

You'll learn:
1. How to not worry about money when you feel limited by it
2. Energy and vibrations that affect us in positive or negative ways
3. Turning around responses to difficult situations
4. Using tapping to lessen stress and release the positive energy

Free ebook: 'Entrepreneur's top 5 money mastery secrets'-


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Category: Real Estate Investing for Women

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