Ancient Teachings - #129

56:49 · 2018

On this special Thanksgiving edition of the Ask Julie Ryan Show, psychic and medical intuitive Julie gets to chat with J. A. Plosker, a professor of comparative religion and philosophy who is also a lawyer. He's an award-winning writer (The Nobody Bible) and host of The Nobody Guide to Life podcast.

J.A. has discovered that through the power of world religion—East and West, spirituality, philosophy, interactive exercises, and the experience of our everyday existence, we all can take a personal journey into mind, body, and spirit to transform our lives, discover how ancient pathways to a better existence are available to us right now, and uncover the extraordinary power of ordinary actions.

During this interview, Julie and J.A. have an interesting, lively and heartwarming conversation.

Please join us and call in with your question next week.

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