Tap Into Your Feminine Strengths in Real Estate with Sasha Barber

40:03 · 2018

Sasha Barber is a broker/owner of Guided Realty - The House Of Conscious Real Estate Transactions.

She believes that investing in real estate can serve as a vehicle to fund any passion in your life, so you can best serve your purpose and carry out your unique mission.

She is on the mission to fulfill your vision for real estate investing, so you can best serve the needs of your family and your own!

She strives to bring conscious business practices to a competitive real estate industry, while intuitively guiding you to that place that can bring you the profits you are looking for. Being born in a cold European country, She loves living in Orange County, CA. Whether you are selling, buying or investing in real estate, allow Sasha to guide you to your NEXT HOME easily, effortlessly, worry-free.

She has two free gifts:

1) Free hotlist of home (including hard to find homes) + free 1 hr strategy session with Sasha. Goto TimeWithSasha.com

2) Free meditation to create a magnetic aura.


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Category: Real Estate Investing for Women

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