Encore: Women in Politics: Maimuna Syed, Emerge California

54:39 · 2018

Are the barriers for women to enter the political scene almost insurmountable? If you think it's not worth it to get involved, think again and take heart! Emerge CA has trained hundreds of women to seek elected office and political appointments, and 70% of all alumna win their elections! Even if you're not planning to enter the race, you'll want to hear what Maimuna Syed has to say about women making changes in the political landscape. She is Emerge California's Executive Director (the first Muslim-American to serve as Executive Director of an Emerge America), and brings her vast experience and passion to the Leadership Stars table. Join Linda Patten and her guest, Maimuna Syed, as they discuss why Emerge CA has proclaimed 2018 as the "year of the women."


Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, entrepreneur, success

Category: Leadership Stars

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