Real People Real Estate Stories: Sam Smith - How I retired on Real Estate

35:16 · 2018

Sam Smith shares his journey from part-time investor to retiring on real estate income.

Some of the topics he covers include:

1. How to get started? How to get your mortgage?
2. What commitments to expect to be successful?
3. It's a long-term return - not fast or easy money.
4. How to build a team around you?

About Sam Smith:

I own 7 houses - a duplex and single family residences...even rent out part of my own residence! I started at age 29, 30 years ago. Buying a house one at a time. I also inherited a house ..purchased one from a family member...bought a house through a distressed sale with an out of state bank. I hold long term and do not flip. I do my own screening..write my own leases... I do my own taxes with tax software which is important to success in real estate investing. I've found real estate investing to be very rewarding but hard work and a key path to financial independence along with investing in the stock market.

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Category: Real Estate Investing for Women

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