How to go Global without a plan Episode 10 Marina Nani

37:07 · 2018

Dr. Marina Nani- Woman of the Decade in Media
Dr. Marina Nani is a journalist, Broadcast Presenter, Author and above all, a passionate advocate for Global Social Edification.
Dr Marina Nani's dream is to diagnose and close the Achievement gap globally. 'It is heart-breaking to witness so much poverty in a world of infinite possibilities', she says. While dedicating her time and energy to great causes, she created an extraordinary community of purposeful leaders who educate women from around the world to eradicate poverty, bring prosperity to their family and advance their professional experience.
Founder of MTN Media, which stands for MAKE THE NEWS, Marina is the Editor in Chief of Sovereign Magazines, The Quantum of Light Magazine and Rich Woman Magazine, sister Publications which are distributed FREE on all UK airport lounges, libraries, embassies, international networks and events, to elevate high profile executives and leading entrepreneurs across continents.

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