The World Within: Messages to the Soul

05:49 · 2018

I am so excited to share the gift of Valerieann Giovanni with you. Watching Valerieann create on the canvas while listening to her explain how each brush stroke is unexpected and trusted is like attending church of the soul expressing itself. Relax and be present while Valerieann shares the shapes that emerged while she painted. Whether your medium is art, or the canvas of life itself, Valerieann models how to get out of our own way and allow the wisdom of the soul to be seen and released.

Join Valerieann in her current project, "The Journey of One Hundred Paintings." Witness the enchanting mirrors, beautiful vulnerable displays of paint on canvas, each a reflection of the soul.

#12 of 100 Paintings - "Messages to the Soul"
What's your next step? There is something that is breathing you, something beyond you that is beating your heart. Imagine that it's big enough to know your next step.

YouTube: @valerieanngio

Keywords: Artist, Spirituality, Painting, Soul, Canvas, Divinity, Paint Brush

Category: Enlightened Living EWN

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