The World Within: The Flute Player

05:22 · 2018

I find Valerieann Giovanni fascinating and her videos are perfect examples of enlightened living! Her God-given artistic talents are woven so beautifully with the gentle soul that creates it. Please sit back, relax and let Valerieann take you on this journey showing how she allows her artistic expression, her soul, to bring forward that which is ready to be expressed and, at times, released.

Join Valerieann in her current project, "The Journey of One Hundred Paintings." Witness the enchanting mirrors, beautiful vulnerable displays of paint on canvas, each a reflection of the soul.

#16 of 100 Paintings - "The Flute Player"
It's about playing. That's what I do when I paint. I go for the color that feels good in the moment and start brushing it onto the canvas, flowing from one brush stroke to the next, letting it be messy, free and fun.

YouTube: @valerieanngio

Keywords: Artist, Spirituality, Painting, Soul, Canvas, Divinity, Paint Brush

Category: Enlightened Living EWN

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