Let's Get Tender with Special Guest Lorraine Giordano

30:00 · 2018

In this episode, you'll meet Intuitive Energy Healer Lorraine Giordano who's on a mission to help women enrich their mind-body-spirit health by uncovering the mystery and taboo that surrounds the uterus and its related organs. You'll hear how a doctor-visit changed her life and profession; why she put down her pen working as a business analyst on software projects in the financial industry and picked up her energy wand to create positive health shifts working with people in her healing practice; and how she overcame her limiting beliefs around self-worth. Get ready for a tender money conversation on the mind-body-spirit connection to success!

Keywords: Inspired To Health, financial freedom, money mindset, moneywings, the womb happy hour, wealth, self-worth, spirituality

Category: Let's Get Tender: Money Conversations That Matter

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