Let's Get Tender with Special Guest Heather Nardi

30:37 · 2019

In today's episode, you'll meet Bestselling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Sacred Child Coach, Heather Nardi ...a passionate, creative, entrepreneurial Mom on a mission to help parents create deeper understanding and connection with their children through soulful parenting. You'll hear her wise perspective on how she overcomes that all-too-familiar-feeling of guilt that creeps in when we least expect it after we've finally managed to achieve that big financial dream. Plus, you'll learn Heather's money belief that empowers her to unfold her financial potential and fuels her business growth to thrive for her own individual and family's well-being. Get ready for a tender money conversation on the power of your intuition and owning your financial story.

Keywords: grow moneywings, intuition, sacred child, soulful parenting, empowered business, money beliefs, money coaching

Category: Let's Get Tender: Money Conversations That Matter

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