Let's Get Tender with Special Guest Kristen Harper

30:00 · 2019

In today's episode, you'll meet Health & Wellness expert, Speaker and Voice America Radio Show Host Kristen Harper...a passionate, creative, entrepreneurial leader on a mission to help as many people around the world achieve perfect health by balancing their mind, body & spirit connection. Capitalizing on her entrepreneurial gifts and strengths as a Hair Mineral Analysis expert, Kristen has been consulting with clients worldwide on hair tests for 10 years. In a world where too many people subconsciously carry around the belief that "I'm not good enough" ... Kristen shares her 3 key strategies for breaking through this common limiting belief that prevents even the best business-leaders and money-managers from truly achieving their financial potential. Get ready for a tender money conversation on healing from-the-inside-out for financial peace at last!

Keywords: balance, health & wellness, Eckhart Tolle, moneywings, empowered business, limiting beliefs, financial freedom

Category: Let's Get Tender: Money Conversations That Matter

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