Episode 12: Zineb Nassrou

30:39 · 2019

Your host Tineke Rensen interviews Zineb Nassrou, the CEO and Founder of the Heart Mastery Revolution. Zineb started her spiritual journey 4 years ago when she decided to quit her corporate job and travel the world. She did not know what she was looking for but knew deep within that the life she was having then isn't a fulfilling one. Zineb was chasing happiness outside of her, but there was a voice within that she finally decided to listen to. She took a one-way ticket to Australia, and didn't know what she was seeking and ended up finding the most beautiful gift and a gem that she wishes everyone would experience at least once in a lifetime. Zineb found herself and her essence, found her purpose and calling. Zineb then surrendered to the universe and allowed the teached to happen, a few months later, Heart Mastery Revolution was born.



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Category: The Power of Women in Business

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