Episode 13: Jeanet Bathoorn

45:28 · 2019

Your host Tineke Rensen interviews Jeanet Bathoorn, self-employed since 2005. Formerly known as a social media expert, now famous for being the Freedom Entrepreneur. She focuses on guiding female entrepreneurs because they tend to build their own 'prison' because of ambition and guilt. Top 5 of Clifton (Gallup) Strengths are 1. Maximizer 2. Significance 3. Futuristic 4. Self-Assurance 5. Activator. That means she always sees possibilities in people, Jeanet focus on people's strong points, she activates and looks at the future. More words about Jeanet: author of 6 books, owner Icelandic horse, loves cheese and chocolate, more of an introvert than she thought.



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Category: The Power of Women in Business

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