Episode 14: Wilma Peelen

28:02 · 2019

Your host Tineke Rensen interviews Wilma Peelen, the director of Sneeboer since 1986. Wilma is a creative person who enjoys to work hard and loves to meet new people, especially her customers. In 1986, Wilma and her husband, Jaap Sneeboer, took over the company. At that moment, Sneeboer was a very local company where the uncle of Jaap was the blacksmith and where Wilma started to sell the products in a small shop. She saw quite fast that they should focus on the production and sale of stainless-steel forged garden tools.

'Everybody should be able to experience and enjoy the high quality of their tools; the way they produce, the way they care for the environment, the ways of their blacksmith, the family orientation and the high range of different tools (more than 240!) is something Wilma is very proud of.



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