2018 Summer Star Success Panel

26:39 · 2019

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter (www.YourPurposeDriventPractice.com) and her 2018 Summer Star Success Panel featuring: Barbara Gross (Humorous Adventures with Baaaaahbra!), Dr. Cheryl Lentz (The Refractive Thinker), Linda Patten (Dare2LeadwithLinda.com) and Adrian Jefferson Chofor (Aspire with Adrian!) as they share all of what they are stepping into and all of us celebrating their success. Be inspired, motivated and moved by these powerful leaders that are stepping forward to SHINE!


Keywords: Women, Empowerment, Purpose, Visibility, SHINE, Linda Patten, Adrian Jefferson Chofor, Barbara Gross, Dr. Cheryl Lentz, Rebecca Hall Gruyter

Category: Womens Empowerment Series

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