Get Real about Career Transitions with Rebeca Gelencser


My esteemed guest, Rebeca Gelenscer, an International Career Coach, creator of Get A Bullet-Proof resume [CV], and author of the e-book, 'Transform Your Career Today'.

Rebeca will share her journey from being a global mobile worker working in top international companies to starting her own successful career coaching practice helping women have successful career transitions or make the leap to becoming an entrepreneur. She also shares strategies to help women sell themselves on their resumes and how to present themselves in the best light to recruiters, headhunters, and hiring managers.

Let's get real with Rebeca and found out how we can shine more brilliantly by putting our best foot forward, be our best advocates, and learn the art of self-promotion.

Keywords: dream job maker, career transition, career coach

Category: Aspire to Authenticity

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