Father Joy Nellissery

34:20 · 2019

Join Sheri Myers as she interviews Father Joy Nellissery. He shares how angels act as ambassadors, providing us with a means to a more personal relationship with God. A stronger connection with God helps us deal with our failures and find purpose in our lives. This opportunity is available to all who would allow angels to intervene on their behalf. Join us for this life-changing interview.

Father Joy Nellissery grew up in Kerala, India – knowing from early childhood that he wanted to become a priest. In 1988, he was ordained in his home town, and as a priest there, offered his assistance at two substance abuse treatment centers. While serving, he was also earning his Master's degree in Social Work from Loyola College, University of Madras, India. Father Joy now serves in the U.S. as an Associate Pastor at the Prince of Peace Catholic Church in the Hoover Suburb of Birmingham, Alabama. Find out more about his ministry at www.popcatholic.org

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