Lisa Jo Davis – Empath, Intuitive

20:19 · 2019

This podcast opens with a brief meditation led by Lisa Jo Davis. Later she shares with Sheri Meyers about her work, in which she asks the archangels for specific healing of the body combined with guided meditation. Her process is known as Sacred Heart Fire Healing. In addition, she describes her process of "hosting" the archangels.

Lisa Jo Davis is an empath intuitive who channels the Archangels and Ascended Masters. As a T.I.M.E. Heals practitioner, she works with the energy of the chakras. As an advocate for spiritual growth, Lisa Jo offers educational classes – like Hosting the Archangels – as well as private healing sessions. She has been shown by the Angelic and Fairy realms to create "Jewelry That Inspires" – beautiful pieces that are blessed before leaving her hands.

Keywords: Sheri Myers, Lisa Jo Davis, Near Death Experience, Ascended Masters, Intuitive Energy Healing, Fairies, T.I.M.E. Heals Modality, Host the Archangels

Category: Focus on Lightworkers EWN

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