Jean Maurie Puhlman – Angel Channeler

23:53 · 2019

Please enjoy this heartwarming interview as Sheri Meyers speaks with Jean Maurie about her past, filled with emotional and physical trauma, and how it led to her connection with angels today. We learn how angels lead her future husband to knock on her door and how they helped her overcome agoraphobia, an extreme fear of leaving one's home and entering open or crowded places. Jean's current work is through angel messaging, angel card readings, and emotion-focused therapy. Angels tell us that we are all loveable and loved. Find her at and multiple Facebook pages.

Jean Maurie is a personal empowerment coach who teaches people how to release what is blocking them from living the life they desire. With the help of angel cards and messages, Jean calls in powerful, loving angels to cut the cords holding her clients back from experiencing all that life has to offer. Jean Maurie uses EFT – tapping – as a healing modality.

Keywords: Sheri Myers, Jean Maurie Puhlman, Spirituality, Support for agoraphobia, Angel Card Reader, Angel Channeler,

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