Anayah Joi Holilly – Angel Channel and Author

26:50 · 2019

How to Connect with Angels: Interview with Anayah Joi Holilly. Take a listen to this heartfelt conversation between Sheri Myers and her friend and colleague, Anayah Joi Holilly. Anayah, who is the Producer of Angel Heart Radio, speaks about how she has learned to handle life's difficulties when those she loved weren't who she expected or hoped for. Anayah views meditation as placing oneself into God's hands. She recommends kneeling before the altar of our lives in order to undo the physical damage we have heaped onto our bodies by being in unhealthy relationships and making unsound life choices. Listeners are encouraged to call on the angels, learn to love ourselves and not try to change others so we are more comfortable.

Anayah is a passionate Lightworker, and loves sharing her work with the angelic realms, helping people to connect, reconnect, or deepen their personal connection with their loving angels in their everyday lives.

Keywords: Sheri Myers, Anayah, Jon Holilly, Enlightened World Network, Archangel, Ascended Masters, Light Frequencies, The Angel Code

Category: How to Connect with Angels EWN

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