Healing from Within with Sheryl Glick and Cindy Mazzaferro

29:16 · 2019

In today's episode, Sheryl Glick shares stories of spiritual awakening, healing on multi-dimensional levels, and ways to find your soul life welcomes Cindy Mazzaferro author of "Powerful Beyond Measure" who shares her experiences as an intuitive energy healer interested in raising awareness of multi-dimensional healing through understanding connections between emotional spiritual and physical conditions.

Cindy shares "The Power Within" and how to harness it for a more joyful purposeful life journey. We will see how the past affects us and how we may come to change attitudes and long-held beliefs that limit us from reaching our true potential and to do more than simply survive.
In order to stand fully in the light we must come to peace with our own darkness. Our darkness does not come from outside ourselves: it is only and ever self-created. When we explore this reality, we finally reveal the power and light that was buried within us all along.


Keywords: Intuition, Soul purpose, Universal Laws of Energy, Sheryl Click, Cindy Mazzaferro, Healing, Spiritual Awakening

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