Healing from Within with Sheryl Glick and Joseph Burges

29:14 · 2019

Sheryl Glick, host of Healing From Within and author of The Living Spirit which shares stories of spiritual awakening communication from Higher Source, healing energy, miracles and soul awareness is delighted to welcome Joseph L. Burgess to discuss dimensions of consciousness. Joseph is the founder of UBU a non -profit organization which teaches awareness through possibilities.

In today's episode of Healing From Within Joseph Burgess a Life Strategist and Creator of the Myth of Perception or thoughts on how to realign the perception from fear to Love shares a 9 Step transformation course i based on the Hindi sri yanta and the 9 Steps of creation through realigning the physiology of the way a brain processes information. We will discover we are all limitless potential wrapped in separation.


Keywords: Sheryl Glick, Joseph Burgess, Myth of Perception, Realign From Fear to Love, Near Death Experience, Traumatic Brain Injury

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