Healing from Within with Sheryl Glick and Dr. Ruth Anderson

29:46 · 2019

Welcome to Healing From Within where your host Sheryl Glick, and her guest Dr. Ruth Anderson, have been fortunate and gifted with a very amazing truth which is their greatest joy and responsibility to share with those who listen. "We are each of us spiritual beings having a physical life and life is a continuous eternal process of experience, evolution, and love."

In this episode, Dr. Ruth Anderson, also a Reverend of the Church of Inner Light, was given a ministry to provide healing to souls with or without bodies in the ethereal realm called Open Clinic. We will discover more about that place of spiritual healing and about the helpers who work with us. We will find out how Ruth awakened her own latent clairvoyant abilities and also her work to help souls struggling to transition after death. We will gain a greater view of life death and a soul's existence here on earth and beyond, through the stories Ruth shares in her book "One Love: Divine Healing at Open Clinic."


Keywords: One Love, Open Clinic, Dr. Ruth Anderson, Sheryl Glick, Spiritual Healing, Archangels, Life after Death, God, Ethereal Realm, Spiritual Guides

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