Bettyanne Green - Can You Have a Career AND Contribute?

54:33 · 2019

This guest says yes! Do you feel like you don't have time to volunteer? Or you have a vague notion of wanting to contribute and don't know where to start besides writing a check? From a lifelong volunteer, civic activist and nonprofit founder, you'll learn how to bring more meaning and purpose into your life and your business - and a different take on the definition of "catalyst for change." Join Linda Patten and her guest, Bettyanne Green, as they unpack the volunteer mindset and learning curve, highs and lows of making change, and integrating contribution into your business model. Gift: Questions or concerns about creating meaningful, change-making marketing? Let's talk! Email to schedule a 45-minute phone consult.

Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, business, inffluence

Category: Leadership Stars

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