Creating Intimacy & Love

47:15 · 2019

In this episode 18, Dr. Elsbeth Meuth, Freddy Zental and I discuss how to connect with the flow of energy within you - what to listen for - to nurture your sensual, and sexual energy so you can manifest all that you came to this planet to do.

We identify specific unhealed tensions and traumas that run men and women from the background at an unconscious level as well as practices to begin the healing process. We talk about what tantric intimacy has to do with feeling fulfilled in life, love and relationships. And the benefits of accepting a new and welcoming perspective with your genitals as a sacred place. We discuss the importance of first identifying and unhooking past negative patterns, unlocking the layers of trauma, to be open and available to receive and give love. And we provide simple steps to start your path to deep compassion for yourself and your partner.

Listen until the end to learn how to receive a free gift from Elsbeth and Freddy.

Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Kimi Avary, Elsbeth Meuth and Freddy Zantal, Tantra, Radical love, Creative Spark Energy

Category: Partnership Bliss

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