Deborah Dutcher - How to Be Sexy, Lean and Strong in 2019

56:08 · 2019

This is the kind of change everyone can get behind - a healthier, sexier you! What better place to start than with a world-renown expert, Certified Integrated Health Coach, and Corporate Wellness Consultant? Our fast-paced lives and everyday stresses can compromise our physical and mental condition. Add to this our maturing bodies which don't seem to respond the way they used to - and "sexy, lean and strong" may feel impossible to achieve. Deb Dutcher is uniquely qualified to show us what IS possible, as a high-level tech exec who changed her own life from burnout to vibrant health inspired now to bring hope and empowerment to others. Join Linda Patten and her guest, Deb Dutcher, as they discuss why a maturing body has trouble losing weight or recovering from illness, the top 3 things we need to do to get on a successful path to wellness, and other valuable tips to start off a healthy new year.

Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, entrepreneur, success

Category: Leadership Stars

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