Finding Purpose After SCAA: A Unique Survivor Story

2019 | 40:25 | Cardiac Conversations |

Everyone will be touched and impacted by sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) at some point throughout their lives, including – every survivor, family member, first responder and many others we know and love. SCA has become the world's leading public health crisis.

In today's episode, we talk with Suzan Wilson, a Jungian psychotherapist and an SCAA survivor. As a psychotherapist, Suzan works with dreams, synchronicities, and strong spiritual experiences.
Suzan will give us an interesting insight into how survivors react after their sudden cardiac arrest. She suffered her's four years ago and that begun another compelling journey.


Keywords: SCAA, survivor, Jung, psychotherapist, Jungian, cardiac arrest, sudden cardiac arrest, survivors, heart, heart health, CPR, AED

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