How to Obtain Lasting Love

22:31 · 2018

In this episode Dr. Gary Salyer and I discuss three core styles of attachment based on John Bowlby's attachment theory. A secure attachment style is someone who is comfortable giving and receiving love. An avoidant attachment style is someone afraid of commitment and dependency. An anxious attachment style is someone who experiences severe separation anxiety.

We discuss causes of change in attachment style when you lack any of six rights: to exist, to separate and belong, to autonomy, to love and be loved, to your needs, and to assert. Also, how to identify a secure relationship when four feelings are satisfied: welcomed with joy and worthiness; nourished with needs met; cherished and protected by a safety net; empowered with choice for autonomy. And how texting is detrimental to relationships and is a desirable form of communication for people with avoidant attachment styles.

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Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Gary Salyer, Kimi Avary, NLP, Single focus, Attachment theory

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