LaTarsha Holden - Legacy Leading in Your Own Life

54:18 · 2019

This show is about nothing less than defying odds, shattering glass ceilings, and leading to legacy, from a women who has done it all. Dr. LaTarsha Holden has gone from a GED to a Doctorate degree, from homelessness to politics and successful entrepreneurship. If you have ever doubted yourself, your leadership path or your power, then you do not want to miss this show! Join Linda Patten and her guest, Dr. LaTarsha Holden, as they share insightful gems about rebuilding a life, the responsibility of leadership to help others, and the leadership principle Dr. "H" taught her 6 children when they were homeless. Gift: If you want to shatter your glass ceiling with power, inspiration and love, grab this 1 hour of free coaching from one who has been there and now teaches others.

Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, business, influence

Category: Leadership Stars

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