Leaving to Create the Love You Desire

36:36 · 2018

In this episode 15, "JumpStart Your Biz Coach" Katrina Sawa and I discuss how integral your relationship happiness is to your business success, what it takes to leave a failing marriage, and what the journey to an AMAZING ONE can look like. If you have ever felt (or feel) like you are settling, you will not want to miss Katrina's inspiring personal story and Kimi's expert counsel on immunizing the love you have (or want to have) by getting clear about what you need, attracting what you want, and making win-win deals with your partner.

Katrina is offering an extra special gift to our audience, so make sure to listen through to the end to learn more about it.



Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Katrina Sawa, Kimi Avary, Leaving Bad Relationships, Creating Great Relationships, Jumpstart Your Marketing

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