Marriage of Love & Health

32:34 · 2018

In this episode, Rosie Bank and I discuss how wellness practices impact your own health and that of the partnership. We identify stressors and how they take a toll on relationships and what you can do about it. We provide methods of self care: love, long walks, hydration, rest, and nourishment that embodies and attracts the type of connection you desire. We discuss how to have a needs conversation by asking for support, identifying your need and asking in a way that honors the relationship. We present questions for a dialogue to jumpstart your health plan: what are you concerned about, what are you afraid of, how do you foresee your future if you knew you would succeed?

Listen until the end to learn how to get your free gift from Rosie.

Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Rosie Bank, Kimi Avary, Health Matters, Connection, Self-Love

Category: Partnership Bliss

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