Mary Knippel - How to Let Your Creativity Shine in 2019

55:41 · 2019

Is it important for women to embrace a Vision of Change in 2019? Yes, it is! You'll learn why from a gifted journalist and international best-selling author, whose own vision is to help "reluctant" writers discover their extraordinary wisdom in what are often considered ordinary life lessons. You'll be empowered to know that every heartbreak, every discovery, every joy - and how you responded to them - are the source of a glorious story that will change people's lives. Just waiting to be told by you! Join Linda Patten and her guest, Mary Knippel, as they share why we need to have a Vision for Change, the difference our "ordinary" story can make in the world, why it's so important for women to be seen and heard, and how to tap into your creativity as an Artist of the Ordinary.

Keywords: Leadership, women, empowerment, entrepreneur, success

Category: Leadership Stars

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