Shifting to a Healthy Success Mindset

26:59 · 2018

In this episode 14, Energy ReVitalize Mentor Rhonda Liebig and I discuss how shifting to a Healthy Success Mindset can improve your health and deepen your partnership. Rhonda uses "Three Energy Revitalize Pillars" to unveil personal energy stories for her health coaching clients to learn and use to break out of daily exhaustion and increase energy naturally.

Today, she shares with us her personal journey using Pillar 2 - The Breakthrough Clarity Mindset - to transition from being dependent on medication for hypothyroidism to being healthy, medication-free, and VITAL in her life, with a special "blissful" focus on how this journey has deepened her relationship with her husband of twenty years to a place of meaningful partnership and "infectious love."

Listen until the end to learn how to receive a free gift from Rhonda.

Keywords: Partnership Bliss, Relationship Coaching, Rhonda Liebig, Kimi Avary, A Man's Commitment Switch, Energy ReVitalize, Taking Care of Your Health

Category: Partnership Bliss

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