The Art of Feminine Leadership

41:11 · 2018

In this episode, I interview Linda Patten she's founder of Dare2Lead with Linda, international speaker and best-selling author, talk radio show host on the VoiceAmerica Women's Channel, leadership expert, coach, and trainer. Her life's work is challenging women to dare to lead: whether it is for navigating the often-daunting entrepreneurial world, building strong teams for a thriving business, stepping out of the shadows into the light as a leader of one's life, or learning the leadership skills that will grow the seeds of change into a world-level movement.

A powerful discussion about the strengths and challenges of Feminine Leadership. We discuss the impact of trying to be perfect that can keep us from excelling and stepping into the leadership role. We also explore the power of being human, why making mistakes on your journey to leadership is a strength, and how authentic human connection is a force for good in all of your relationships.

Keywords: Linda Patten, Kimi Avary, Feminine Leadership

Category: Partnership Bliss

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